"The trainers each have their own style and vibe, and I love all of them." - SJ

We're bringing it back to the good ol' days and the great outdoors (well... great for New York).

Mount Prospect is a trainer's dream - it has stairs, it has a running path, it has a full playground with space for pushups, pull-ups, lunges, and of course, burpees.

If you thought we were creative indoors, just wait and see what sort of fun we have planned for you in the park!

Our story

Back in 2011 we opened up our doors as Pura Vida Urban Fitness on Underhill Avenue in Prospect Heights. Even though we had the indoor space, every other morning at 6am, we would venture into Mount Prospect Park.

Clients would run stairs (until we couldn't hear them complaining any more and knew they were out of breath), park benches became places to get in dips and Bulgarian lunges, 6" curb space transformed into speed and agility steps, children' swings into row stations and monkey bars into pull-up bars. One client suggested we call it recess for adults!

Fast forward 5 years later and we're closing the doors of Pura Vida, but we're headed back to Mount Prospect. We couldn't stand to leave our amazing group of clients/neighbors (might we even call you friends?) without the workouts that they'd shown up for so consistently over the past years.

Their unique personalities were the best part about Pura Vida and we hope they will continue to be the best part about Prospect Heights Fitness.

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